Parish Council

The parish pastoral council is an institution that brings together lay people and religious who, together with their pastors work jointly to build the parish as a living Christian community.

Parish Council members care about parish life, share in the concerns of the Church universal, and strive to bring the Gospel message to all people and places in their neighbourhood.

Through reflection, planning, animation and action the Parish Pastoral Council is the place where those ministries or services are brought forth that are needed for the growth of a living parish community.

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month after the 7pm Mass.

St. Anthony’s Parish Council members:

President                              Rory Cava

Finance                                Ron Sabatini

Pastor                                   Father Luigi Filippini

Clergy                       Deacon Dave Cattani

Deacon Pasquale Coccimiglio

Liturgical Ministry                 Gloria Cyr

Eucharistic Ministers            Helen Ioriani

Eucharistic Outreach       Maria Bradizza

Maria Frattaroli

Music Ministry                      Laura Daniele

Eucharistic                           Maria Bradizza

Eucharistic Outreach           Maria Frattaroli

CWL                                     Virginia Butorac

Holy Name Society              Tom Mihaljevic

Youth                                    Sandra Coccimiglio

Seniors                                 Jean Scarpelli